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N.T. LABORATORY is an active engineering and mechanical manufacturing company based in Italy since 1999.

As a supplier of advanced, reliable and affordable mechanics equipment, it has gained global recognition for its high-quality solutions dedicated to IVD instruments.

N.T. LABORATORY operates in the IVD Industry with a special focus on new technologies and offers several solutions for OEM.

N.T. LABORATORY is specialized in mechanical production and testing for automations in the IVD industry. We serve customers across the biomedical testing by designing, developing and manufacturing critical mechanical components and electro-mechanical groups.

Our products consist of instruments, mechanical assembled and tested sub-groups and single mechanical components.

Lastest news

N.T. Laboratory srl is glad to announce to have successfully obtained the UNI EN ISO 13485 certification for the design and production of IVD equipments and for the manufacturing of precision mechanical components for IVD.

“The first annual meeting of the DMC-MALVEC project (www.dmc-malvec.eu) has been held in Hahn Schickard facilities in Freiburg (Germany) on the 20-21 of March 2016.

The meeting objectives were:
1. Review activities, in preparation of 18M major project review for EU, make sure deliverables and milestones covered/on track, justify possible outstanding issues and allocate reporting tasks
2. Clarify managerial outstanding issues and discuss possible changes in the plan, including budget updates (if applicable), to be submitted together with 18M report
3. Review and define action plan for Y2
4. Visit in HS Facilities and LabDisk demo
5. Discuss LabDisk IPs issues and draft bilateral agreements
The first annual newsletter of the project has been also produced in order to resume the activities of the first year of the project and to disseminate them to potential stakeholders”.
Read it.

The Final General meeting of the RESPOC project (www.respoc.eu) has been held in Maastricht (Netherlands) on 26-27 of July 2016. The final prototype has been finalized and validated. The final prototype has been finalized and validated. The final validation of the system on real samples will be completed by the end of the project (end of August) and results presented during the Final Review meeting in Barcelona next October in front of delegates of the EC.

RESPOC aims the development of a new point-of-care instrument for detection of respiratory pathogens, including Streptococcus pneumonia and Bordetella pertussis. N.T. Laboratory is partner of the Consortium as SME. Link to video.